Give Me Some Rope Pattache's Coming Loose.

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desperately trying to save someone who matters to them (◕‿◕✿)


i do these when i dont know what to do


i do these when i dont know what to do



Writing in my brain: Beautiful flowing sentences full of powerful phrases and enigmatically witty dialogue. 

Writing on the page: They did the thing and said some stuff. There was snark. 


 I waited. 2,000 years, I waited for you.

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  • Snow Queen: Wait, where am I? Oh there was a curse? Okay, that’s cool. Hmm maybe now I can set my plan into motion-
  • Regina: I will destroy your happiness.
  • Snow Queen: Ah, alright, fair enough. Your curse and all. I’ll just stay out of this one.
  • Cora: I will make sure it’s just you, me and Henry, Regina.
  • Snow Queen: Oh great, the mum is on the scene now. Fine, I’ll wait a bit longer.
  • *Main cast goes off to Neverland.*
  • Snow Queen: Are you kidding me? I can’t freeze anybody there.
  • Zelena: I want the life you had!
  • Snow Queen: You know what, forget this, I’m just going to go open up an ice cream shop.